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The Oil Spill, Katrina, and Inner Peace

Gulf oil spill

Dealing with personal catastrophe like losing one’s home, or one’s living is much harder when an entire region is affected. Support is harder to find as others around you suffer the same consequences, and people may even turn against each other as they compete over scarce resources like food, shelter, or potential home buyers. Disasters […]

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Motorcycle Gear – In Progress!

I now have saddlebags and a windshield on the bike. Not that naked anymore. However, it’s still far from being ready to hit the road. A sissy bar and luggage rack will be installed in a few days. Next on the list would be: Large dresser-style seat bag Highway/engine bars handlebar-mounted speakers Any recommendations anyone? […]

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Riding the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

After visiting Dr. Jamie Pennebaker at the University of Texas in Austin, I’ll be headed west and north to meet Dr. Lew Goldberg in Eugene Oregon. Quite a trip between these two points, and two sites that come in mind along the way are Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon […]

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What’s Your Meditation?

When I started riding, I was astonished to find that being on the back of a motorcycle is a true meditative experience. Of course, when you look at a guy sitting on a cruiser laying one foot on the floorboards and the other one on the highway bars, you do get the impression that it’s […]

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The Five Steps to Finding Inner Peace

The Five Steps to Inner Peace

Seeking enlightenment and serenity is an ongoing journey, not a goal or a destination. Making a decision to pursue your inner peace is like making a decision to get in shape: The real goal is to change your mindset, so that you actually enjoy leading a healthy life. If you are overly focused on a […]

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