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Bike is Back (in Black)

Bike is back - Ride of Your Life

It has been two weeks since I came back home from the Ride. The trip is over and it’s time to write. I am going over my notes, the raw video footage, and the pictures, and reliving the fabulous time on the road. Everything is back to its normal course apart from one thing: the […]

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A story of a Rabbi, a Goat, Dogs, and Inner Peace


Long before Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity, the fact that “everything in life is relative” was well understood by former generations. Take for example the famous story about the Rabbi and the goat: A man goes to his Rabbi and complains about his house. “Dear Rabbi”, he says, “my house is […]

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Meeting with Deepak Chopra – Collective Consciousness, Ego, and Midlife

The day before boarding the plane and heading back home I had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California. We talked about going on the road, about ego and the value of humility, about the fascinating concept of collective consciousness, the importance of the present, and about subjectivity and […]

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Coming Back Home

Friday, the last day of the cross country trip, was extremely strange. after being a “lone rider” for over a month,  I dropped off the bike at a trucking warehouse in Poway, California, gave it a big kiss on the tank, and took off in a taxi. I kept thinking about the next morning when […]

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The Midlife Man

midlife man

In my meeting with Dr. Jamie Pennebaker at the University of Texas, we spoke about the benefits of writing. According to Jamie, the benefits come from putting mental/internal experience (feelings, thoughts, and emotions) into the structure of language. In simpler words, perhaps this may be rephrased as “talking about it makes you feel better”. In general, however, […]

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