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Be Yourself, Act Yourself, and Be a Hero

We tend to overlook it in daily life, but people are vastly different. Even in the exact same situations, each of us provide our own unique, subjective interpretation and respond differently based on differences in culture, background, and genes. This is especially true for the way we deal with challenges. Facing the same challenges, some […]

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In the Meadows

The Meadows

When you get to the city tour it by foot Let it guide your shoes into the meadows The entrance may be through a small patio or a neighborhood park It may also be behind a sign saying “do not enter” When you get to the meadows you may not even realize it right away […]

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Why (Almost) everyone is Happy about Same-Sex Marriage

Rainbow flag

On Sunday morning I flew back from Orlando to New York, after attending the World Congress on Positive Psychology. To my good fortune, the airplane had TV service, so I could spend the two hours staring at the screen embedded in the seat in front of me. Across all channels, everyone was talking about the […]

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