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Finding Your Life’s Purpose

When we reach the age of adolescence, many of us start to think about the purpose of our lives. Initially we expect to find some sort of global or common theme that brings a sense of purpose to us, but speaking with others about it, we quickly realize that this is not the case. Life […]

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Answering the Big Questions through the Small Ones

In his 1982 song “think too much” singer Paul Simon debated whether he overthinks things, or perhaps does not think nearly enough. In the first verse of the song he says: “I started to think too much When I was twelve going on thirteen” Do you remember this age, when you started to think about […]

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Meet Your Ideal Future Self

Filling the blank on “I will be ______” is still an abstract task. A more concrete approach is to avoid thinking about the future in general, and to “zoom in” on a single day in your ideal future.

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