Last month I had the honor and pleasure of giving a TEDx talk in London. When I first got the word that I will be giving the talk, I was ultra-excited, but in the weeks leading to the event, my excitement quickly turned into anxiety: According to the TED/x format, talks cannot exceed 18 minutes, but I had so much to say. It seemed impossible to meet the time limit and focus on only one “big idea”, one actionable, inspiring, and thought-provoking notion. Each time I rehearsed my talk I went over the time limit, and couldn’t decide which parts I should remove from the talk, and which parts I should spare.

Eventually though, this tough exercise paid off. It forced me to go over the concepts that I have been working on in the past few years, and seek the primary message of the project, and of the book. To answer the question: What is Ride of Your Life really about?

The answer that emerged, as you can see in the talk video below, is indeed quite simple:
Stop thinking about pursuing your dreams”, and instead start thinking about “living your plans”.

The talk ended up being less than 14 minutes long 🙂

Please watch and let me know what you think. I’d love your comments!

— Ran

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