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Initial Rough Route


The plan is to leave New York on September 13, end the trip in San Diego (interviewing Deepak Chopra) about 5 weeks later, ship the bike and fly back home. So far confirmed interviews are in Austin, Eugene OR, San Francisco, LA, and San Diego. Possibly there will be additional interviews in Ohio and Chicago, or […]

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Let Love Rule

Is it possible to write about the word “love” and say anything truly new? Love is the field that connects all of us together. It’s the fabric from which the good in life is woven. Love connects all living things, and perhaps the inanimate as well. Experiencing love on a daily basis equals accomplishing inner peace. When […]

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About this Blog

Ride Of Your Life is the story of a journey: a solo motorcycle trip from New York to California, going through individual cities and along the way interviewing world-renown scholars, coaches, researchers, authors, and spiritual leaders, in a quest for happiness, enlightenment, and inner peace. It is also the story of everyone’s journey through life, […]

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