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The Moment of Truth!

That’s it – the moment of truth is here. It’s 10:30pm and tomorrow the Ride begins. The bike is all packed, including laptop so I’m blogging from my iPhone. As the pictures show, the luggage is pretty excessive and I’m worried about the weight distributed a little too high and too far back. Will have […]

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The Ride Of Your Life Album

Every ride needs a soundtrack: The Ride Of Your Life is available on iTunes and Amazon, or you can just listen for free using the widget below. I wrote the music, played the instruments, and recorded it in my basement. Hope you enjoy it! Click here to listen on iTunes > Click here to listen […]

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Photo and Video Gear I am Taking with Me

Photo and Video Gear

Ride Of Your Life started as my own personal midlife cross-country fantasy. I then thought it would be nice to share my thoughts and experiences from the road using a simple blog, perhaps with some videos, Twitter, interview a few people… Eventually it became a project. The video stuff in particular was a little challenging […]

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The Clothes Make the Man’s Ego

Clothes and Ego

We’ve all heard that “the clothes make the man” or that “you are what you wear”. And sometimes it is pretty astounding to see how different one looks when wearing different clothes. Check me out in the picture below. No jeans, no bandanna, no leather, no boots. I’m on my way to a wedding, wearing my best […]

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The Dance Of Ages Album

Ran Zilca's music

I grew up in the 80s and my musical identity was shaped when hair bands where hot (which seems strange today – perhaps it was a conspiracy of the spandex industry). So to date, even though I try to keep an open aperture if musical styles as a guitar player, if I pick up a […]

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Dumping your Ego (and Putting on Chaps)

Dump your Ego and put on chaps!

When people are asked who they are, often times they respond with information pertaining to their profession and social status: “I’m an engineer living in the suburbs”. The society we live in trains us each day to feed our egos with these external tokens of success, fooling us into thinking that it will make us happy. But as recent positive psychology research shows (and some old wisdom traditions have preached for thousands of years), the ego is only a protection layer…

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The Last Day of Summer

Last day of summer

It’s 8:30pm, Labor Day. The last day of summer has ended, and with it the entire season. Living in New York means that summer is a great event. You plan for it months ahead of time, make lists, and before you know it the event comes to its premature end. The evenings start getting chilly, […]

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Almost Ready to Go

Almost ready to go on the ride of my life

OK – almost time to leave and the bike is not ready yet. Not good! The sissy bar and luggage rack are now installed (Cobra) and I put a Nelson Rigg full dresser bag on it. Another bag coming next week, the speakers need to be installed – and that’s it – the bike will […]

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