That’s it – the moment of truth is here. It’s 10:30pm and tomorrow the Ride begins. The bike is all packed, including laptop so I’m blogging from my iPhone. As the pictures show, the luggage is pretty excessive and I’m worried about the weight distributed a little too high and too far back. Will have to ride carefully for the next few days and just watch it.
It was clear that at this time the whole thing would seem like a bad idea. My 4 year old son sat outside this afternoon and asked “to be by myself because I’m worried that daddy is going”. That one I did not see coming. Later on he was all smiling and fine, but of course it broke my heart. And my wife is sitting next to me in the living room wondering how she ever OK’ed this adventure.
Still – the night before any adventure is like that. And excitement is finally rushing through my bloodstream. I am really going to be doing this!

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