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The Moment of Truth!

That’s it – the moment of truth is here. It’s 10:30pm and tomorrow the Ride begins. The bike is all packed, including laptop so I’m blogging from my iPhone. As the pictures show, the luggage is pretty excessive and I’m worried about the weight distributed a little too high and too far back. Will have […]

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Photo and Video Gear I am Taking with Me

Photo and Video Gear

Ride Of Your Life started as my own personal midlife cross-country fantasy. I then thought it would be nice to share my thoughts and experiences from the road using a simple blog, perhaps with some videos, Twitter, interview a few people… Eventually it became a project. The video stuff in particular was a little challenging […]

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The Oil Spill, Katrina, and Inner Peace

Gulf oil spill

Dealing with personal catastrophe like losing one’s home, or one’s living is much harder when an entire region is affected. Support is harder to find as others around you suffer the same consequences, and people may even turn against each other as they compete over scarce resources like food, shelter, or potential home buyers. Disasters […]

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