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Finding Your Life’s Purpose

life purpose

When we reach the age of adolescence, many of us start to think about the purpose of our lives. Initially we expect to find some sort of global or common theme that brings a sense of purpose to us, but speaking with others about it, we quickly realize that this is not the case. Life […]

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Answering the Big Questions through the Small Ones


In his 1982 song “think too much” singer Paul Simon debated whether he overthinks things, or perhaps does not think nearly enough. In the first verse of the song he says: “I started to think too much When I was twelve going on thirteen” Do you remember this age, when you started to think about […]

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Meet Your Ideal Future Self

Future Self

Filling the blank on “I will be ______” is still an abstract task. A more concrete approach is to avoid thinking about the future in general, and to “zoom in” on a single day in your ideal future.

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Is This Real Life?

Why We Rush

Every now and then it could be useful to peek through the curtains of the mind and run a reality check. If you focus on what’s happening in real life, you may discover that nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong.

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Are You Living Your Dream Today?


Words are a powerful thing, and a gift of inspirational words can be life-changing, depending on what the words are. For my last birthday, my wife got me a bracelet engraved with the words “Live Your Dream”. This particular choice of words, commanding you to live your dream now, in the present, instead of “chasing” […]

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Letting Tweetie Go


In September, When my son turned ten, he asked for a bird; a yellow Cockatiel that he saw in a local pet shop. The bird had cute orange circles on her cheeks, and whistled happily at each person walking by her cage. My son had fallen in love with her. Each time we went by […]

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The Happy Airplane

Happy Airplane

After spending a great week in Santa Monica I flew back today on a connecting flight through Philadelphia. I was a little late to leave my hotel, but the cab driver assured me with a big smile that I will get to the airport on time. He took a special shortcut and stepped on it […]

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