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The Clothes Make the Man’s Ego

Clothes and Ego

We’ve all heard that “the clothes make the man” or that “you are what you wear”. And sometimes it is pretty astounding to see how different one looks when wearing different clothes. Check me out in the picture below. No jeans, no bandanna, no leather, no boots. I’m on my way to a wedding, wearing my best […]

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Dumping your Ego (and Putting on Chaps)

Dump your Ego and put on chaps!

When people are asked who they are, often times they respond with information pertaining to their profession and social status: “I’m an engineer living in the suburbs”. The society we live in trains us each day to feed our egos with these external tokens of success, fooling us into thinking that it will make us happy. But as recent positive psychology research shows (and some old wisdom traditions have preached for thousands of years), the ego is only a protection layer…

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The Last Day of Summer

Last day of summer

It’s 8:30pm, Labor Day. The last day of summer has ended, and with it the entire season. Living in New York means that summer is a great event. You plan for it months ahead of time, make lists, and before you know it the event comes to its premature end. The evenings start getting chilly, […]

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What’s Your Meditation?

When I started riding, I was astonished to find that being on the back of a motorcycle is a true meditative experience. Of course, when you look at a guy sitting on a cruiser laying one foot on the floorboards and the other one on the highway bars, you do get the impression that it’s […]

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Building Inner Strength – US Army Style

Comprehensive Soldier Fitness

To go through a journey you need ample energy and strength, so you are not drained and depleted when you hit the challenges of the road. And to be strong, one has  to train. And who knows more about training than The US Army? Together with a team of scientists led by Dr. Marty Seligman […]

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