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Ride Of Your Life Day Five: Meeting with Dr. Barbara Fredrickson

Arriving at Chapel Hill, NC was an interesting experience. Chapel Hill is a college town and a large percentage of its residents are either directly related to the University of North Carolina or indirectly provide services to the university and its visitors. Like many college towns there is something very peaceful, young, and positive about […]

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Video: Ride Of Your Life Day 6

I have read and learned about the scenery and beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway before I set wheel on it. But the stories and information fail to do the experience justice. The surrounding layers of mountains go into the horizon, forming a new world, a sort of Pandora from the movie Avatar. This is […]

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The Oil Spill, Katrina, and Inner Peace

Gulf oil spill

Dealing with personal catastrophe like losing one’s home, or one’s living is much harder when an entire region is affected. Support is harder to find as others around you suffer the same consequences, and people may even turn against each other as they compete over scarce resources like food, shelter, or potential home buyers. Disasters […]

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Riding the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

After visiting Dr. Jamie Pennebaker at the University of Texas in Austin, I’ll be headed west and north to meet Dr. Lew Goldberg in Eugene Oregon. Quite a trip between these two points, and two sites that come in mind along the way are Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon […]

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Initial Rough Route


The plan is to leave New York on September 13, end the trip in San Diego (interviewing Deepak Chopra) about 5 weeks later, ship the bike and fly back home. So far confirmed interviews are in Austin, Eugene OR, San Francisco, LA, and San Diego. Possibly there will be additional interviews in Ohio and Chicago, or […]

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