I recently gave a talk at the Leading to Well-Being conference at George Mason University. The event included a great mixture of speakers, including Dr. Barbara Fredrickson who spoke about the emerging science of love (!). The topic of my talk was “Positive Computing” – new technologies that use research in psychology to drive and foster no less than human flourishing. We started developing Positive Computing software at Signal Patterns and now continuing in full force with bLife Inc.

When the science of happiness is used to create new technology some fascinating things happen. In fact, the Ride Of Your Life started back in 2009 when I was using the Live Happy iPhone app. The app has a section where one can enter goals they are contemplating, and assess how likely these goals are to bring them lasting happiness. I entered different goals, one of which was going cross country on a motorcycle, just for the fun if it. At that time I did not yet have a motorcycle license and had no riding experience. In the months that followed the iPhone app took me through small baby steps, one thing led to another, and a year later I found myself on my second bike, riding from coast to coast.

During the conference a video crew was walking around and interviewing the speakers. We talked about happiness, and how geek-developed technology could possibly change the world.

Here it is:

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