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Video: Going West In Texas

Here’s a short video with some images from the way west from Marble Falls, through Eldorado, to Iraan and Fort Stockton. I love this song (“Ride On” by AC/DC) and its rhythm is so perfect for this landscape.  

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Mesas, Buzzards, and Inner Peace

Inner Peace

I leave Austin early. The sun is not quite out yet and it’s a chilly Saturday morning. I head towards Ranch Road 1431, a great local ride ending in a famous biker hangout called the Blue Bonnett Cafe. As the city sights slowly change into the farms of Hill Country I am thinking about the […]

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Thoughts of a Temporary Nomad


Thursday night. I am in a small motel in Austin, after riding almost 300 miles in the pressing Texas sun. More than ten days have passed and over 2600 miles are behind me. At this point, the days already have a familiar rhythm of routine, starting with loading and strapping all the gear to the […]

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Video: Leaving New Orleans

I always wanted to the play the Blues in New Orleans. I came close this week, but did not quite make it. Instead, here is me playing the Blues to the sight of Bourbon Street acting innocent and quiet in the morning, as I am leaving town towards Texas.  

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