Lessons from the road, and thoughts for the ride of your life

Is This Real Life?

Every now and then it could be useful to peek through the curtains of the mind and run a reality check. If you focus on what’s happening in real life, you may discover that nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong.

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Are You Living Your Dream Today?

Words are a powerful thing, and a gift of inspirational words can be life-changing, depending on what the words are. For my last birthday, my wife got me a bracelet engraved with the words “Live Your Dream”. This particular choice of words, commanding you to live your dream now, in the present, instead of “chasing” […]

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Letting Tweetie Go

In September, When my son turned ten, he asked for a bird; a yellow Cockatiel that he saw in a local pet shop. The bird had cute orange circles on her cheeks, and whistled happily at each person walking by her cage. My son had fallen in love with her. Each time we went by […]

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The Happy Airplane

After spending a great week in Santa Monica I flew back today on a connecting flight through Philadelphia. I was a little late to leave my hotel, but the cab driver assured me with a big smile that I will get to the airport on time. He took a special shortcut and stepped on it […]

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America’s Midlife Crisis

America's Midlife Crisis

This past fall I embarked on “Ride Of Your Life” – a 6000 mile solo motorcycle trip from New York to California, and a personal journey to inner peace. I rode through the thin veins of the map, the back roads that pump America’s life-blood from coast to coast, off the interstates. On My journey, […]

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Count to Ten and Reclaim Your Autonomy from Your Limbic Brain

Count to 10

One of the top determinants of well-being is autonomy: the perception that one can govern oneself and not have decisions dictated externally by someone else. Understanding what autonomy is could be tricky. Many people mistake it to mean the same as independence, but it’s not. Being autonomous does not mean you do not depend on […]

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This Year Touch The Rainbow

Last year I went on a coast-to-coast solo motorcycle trip. A project I call “Ride Of Your Life” – a journey to inner peace. I embarked on this 6,000 mile ride only a year after obtaining my motorcycle license and along the way interviewed scholars and scientists like Deepak Chopra, James Pennebaker, Sonja Lyubomirsky and […]

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What’s the Next Chapter in the Ride of Your Life?

The next chapter in the ride of your life

Are you following your inner calling? Are you ready to chase your dreams? Or rediscover what they are? I can help you write the next chapter of your life. My coaching philosophy is based on the latest neuroscience, positive psychology, and motivational research combined with my personal experience as a scientist,  entrepreneur, author, musician, husband […]

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Is the Financial Crisis Bringing Us Together?

While running errands this morning, I stopped at a local bank to meet with the branch’s investment manager. The sun was shining bright in the sky, and since I had no work meetings scheduled I allowed myself to dress (very) casually. I walked into his office wearing short pants and a t-shirt and couldn’t help […]

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