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Blinded by Science? Open Your Eyes

Blinded by science - Ride of Your Life

Before you use an app to train your mind, be sure to read the fine print on its label Ten years ago I left IBM Research to start a company that will build the “technology of psychology”. Back then, most people didn’t quite understand what that was. The intersection between behavioral science and computer science […]

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The Psychological Antidote – Part II


In a previous post, the process of dehumanization was suggested as the psychological foundation leading to the atrocities conducted by organizations like ISIS. The opposite process of humanization was then suggested as the antidote for the development of extreme, violent behavior. This idea can be summarized as follows: When violent, savage behavior erupts (as in […]

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How to Avoid the Bullshit


So, you’ve decided that to want to change your life for the better. Become happier. Be a better person. Find meaning. Be positive. Gain clarity. Reduce stress. Become more focused. Where do you start? It used to be that the choices were limited. Only a few decades ago, a person would turn to their religion […]

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The Ultimate Rock’n’Roll Intervention

58th Berlinale Film Festival - Shine A Light Premiere

In the past decade, I’ve crossed-off a bunch of epic rock concerts from my bucket list. When I was growing up in Tel Aviv during the eighties, I could only dream of seeing bands like AC/DC or Deep Purple perform live, and moving to New York has made it possible. Each summer, I rushed to […]

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