Are you ready to goon the Ride of Your Life?Your Journey starts hereTodayA Coast to Coast Guideto finding inner peace5 weeks, 6,000 mileswith Dr. Deepak ChopraDr. Phil ZimbardoDr. Sonja LyubomirskyDr. Barbara FredricksonDr. James PennebakerCoach Caroline Miller

The Book

Ride of Your Life - a Coast to Coast Guide to Finding Inner Peace

To discover the next chapter in the ride of your life, you must go on the road.

Ride of Your Life book coverAmazon_com_logo-fnlRide of Your Life

In 2010, I left my home in New York on a motorcycle, heading towards California in search of answers. During the 34 days that followed, I rode solo through the back roads of the country.

I spent hundreds of hours in contemplation, met with dozens of people who shared the road with me, and interviewed leading experts in research labs, spiritual centers, and temples. 6,000 miles later I returned home with answers.
Taking the collective knowledge of leading experts and researchers (including Deepak Chopra, Phil Zimbardo, and Sonja Lyubomirsky), the lifetimes of experience of the people I met, and the silent wisdom of the road, I have compiled this guide to finding inner peace. Ride of your Life brings this experience to you, along with the simple, eternal truths that emerged as a practical guide for a happier life. Ride on, and ride safe!


Some Facts about Ride of Your Life®:



The visionaries, thought-leaders, and scientists on Ride of Your Life®
Deepak Chopra Best-Selling Author
Phil Zimbardo
Phil Zimbardo, PhD Professor Emeritus, Stanford University
Sonja Lyubomirsky
Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD University of California, Riverside
James Pennebaker
James Pennebaker, PhD University of Texas, Austin
Caroline Adams Miller
Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP Life Coach and Best-Selling Author
Byron Katie
Byron Katie Best-Selling Author
Barbara Fredrickson
Barbara Fredrickson, PhD University of North Carolina

About Ran

Ran Zilca is an entrepreneur, research scientist, author, and certified coach, who has pioneered the use of digital psychological interventions and human-like empathic AI. His work at Twill Health focuses on the development and scaling of Artificial Intelligence models, utilizing deep learning, NLP, statistical methods, and signal processing algorithms. Ran’s experience as a data scientist spans 30 years working at industry and government and heading various entrepreneurial endeavors.

He is also the author of Ride of Your Life—a Coast to Coast Guide to Finding Inner Peace, describing his 6,000-mile solo motorcycle ride of personal transformation.



A peek into the book, and the stories of people I met on the road

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