Life Coach and Best-Selling Author

Caroline Adams Miller is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University, a graduate of CoachU, and a credentialed coach through the International Coach Federation. InMay 2006, she graduated from the ground-breaking Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP)  program at the University of Pennsylvania. The MAPP program is the first masters program in the world that offers in-depth study of the science of well-being, which Ms. Miller is using in her coaching practice to help clients set and achieve their goals to maximize well-being and self-efficacy.  Ms. Miller also graduated from the Corporate Athlete program at the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, FL, which specializes in teaching “full engagement” to corporate executives through an athletic approach to life.

Ms. Miller regularly mentors coaches and other professionals on how to add Positive Psychology to their work, and speaks widely about the science of happiness and goals to a variety of audiences. She is a faculty member at the University of Texas-Dallas School of Management, where she instructs on Positive Psychology in their coaching degree program.  Ms. Miller is also a guest expert on the Psychology Today website where she blogs regularly about “Creating Your Best Life,” Her most recent book, also of the same name,  is considered the first book to link the science of happiness with the science of goal accomplishment, and has been called “a classic in the goal-setting field” by Mehmet Oz, M.D., as well as self-help experts like Deepak Chopra and CBS Sports icon James Brown.  Ms. Miller also works with academic audiences, and has a chapter on “Positive Psychology and Coaching” in a European psychology textbook that will be published in 2011.

Ms. Miller’s is the author of five books, all of which have been translated into multiple foreign languages, and sold for over two decades.  “Creating Your Best Life” will come out in paperback in late 2010.  She is also the first applied positive psychologist to be featured on satellite radio, and her “Positive Tip of the Day” was aired for two years on XM radio’s channel 155.  Ms. Miller is the monthly happiness expert on channel 8 in the Washington, D.C. market, where she talks about the science of happiness.

Ms. Miller lives with her husband in Bethesda, MD where they have raised three children.  She is a competitive rower, swimmer and has a black belt in Hapkido.  Her websites are: www.carolinemiller.comand

Caroline and I met and spoke at length about midlife, setting goals and pursuing them, and remaining fully present.